Viewing for this sale will be

Saturday 24th February 9am till 1pm

Monday 26th February 9am till 4pm

 And 8.30am till 10.00am on the day of the sale

Next Auction Tuesday 27th February

1. 2 Lamps and a vase containing imitation flowers

2. Hand decorated copper bowl

3. 3 Vintage green bottles

4. 2 Boxes containing commemorative items, figurines and a crumb tray etc

5. 2 Boxes containing jugs, bowl and decorative ware

6. Box containing souvenir dolls

7. Small tripod table

8. A cantilever sewing box

9. A Devon Ware jardiniere

10. A Terracotta golfing group

11. A set of vintage scales and weights

12. 2 Boxes containing a heat massager and fine arts etc

13. 2 Boxes containing a coal scuttle and glass etc

14. 2 Boxes containing a West German, clock and lamp etc

15. An oak children's chair

16. Vintage mincer with box

17. Floor standing ashtray

18. 2 Boxes containing binoculars and a sewing kit etc

19. 2 Boxes containing Colclough tea set etc

20. 2 Boxes containing a large amount of glass

21. Small drop leaf table

22. A reel to reel tape recorder

23. Wade vase and a Chinese jardiniere

24. 2 Boxes containing a ginger jar, glass and a Habitat tea set etc

25. 2 Boxes containing a piggy bank, binoculars and a torch etc

26. 2 Boxes containing a large vase and pictures etc

27. 5 Framed vintage photographs

28. 7 Items including jugs

29. 2 Boxes containing glass, Aynsley and a Nat West pig etc

30. 2 Boxes containing a lamp, clock and decorative China etc

31. 2 Boxes containing plates, mugs and houseware

32. 2 Vintage tea chests

33. A picnic basket and contents

34. Box containing Saki cups and commemorative ware etc

35. Box containing glass and a Royal Imperial tea set etc

36. 2 Boxes containing decorative ware and Lilliput Lane etc

37. 2 Boxes containing vintage glass bottles and Royal Winton etc

38. A hat box including 2 hats

39. A Sony radio/ CD player

40. 2 Boxes containing Duchess tea ware and Wedgewood etc

41. 2 Boxes containing a clock and decorative mugs etc

42. 2 Boxes containing vintage tins and pictures etc

43. Vintage briefcase

44. A bed & breakfast sign, a carriage clock and a bee keeper's hat

45. A tribal bowl

46. 2 Boxes containing decorative mugs and plates etc

47. 2 Boxes containing a clock, umbrella and mixed house wares

48. 2 Boxes containing a Doulton Moonstone part dinner service

49. A bicycle basket and others

50. An usual lamp

51. Ceramic fruit bowl and a collection of doll's furniture

52. Box containing 2 lamps and a vase etc

53. 2 Boxes containing a collection of train track, trains and Meccano

54. 2 Boxes containing assorted stationary

55. 2 Boxes containing glassware and a lantern etc

56. A "Harry Potter" suitcase

57. Collection of 6 decorative items

58. 2 Boxes containing collector's plates and a Nat West pig etc

59. Box containing jugs, a gravy boat and a figurine etc

60. Box containing various cameras etc

61. 2 Boxes containing cutlery and light bulbs

62. Box containing a letter rack and a cash box etc

63. Box containing Lego models

64. Box containing a quantity of figurines

65. 3 Boxes containing piano rolls and ceramic ducks etc

66. Box containing model cars etc

67. 2 Boxes containing a tea set, ginger jar and book ends etc

68. 3 Boxes containing PlayStation games and wirework etc

69. Box containing a tongue press and jelly moulds etc

70. Box containing a large quantity of small collectables

71. Box containing Border Fine Arts, Moorcroft and a pin tray etc

72. 2 Boxes containing glass and a part tea set etc

73. Spare

74. 2 Boxes containing glass, a lamp and a decanter etc

75. Box containing a clock and kettle etc

76. 3 Boxes containing a Royal Vale tea set, plates and mugs etc

77. 2 Boxes containing lamps and box prints etc

78. 3 Boxes containing children's puzzles and games

79. 3 Boxes containing toys, models and games etc

80. 3 Boxes containing glass, jugs and vintage flatware etc

81. 3 Boxes containing glass, jugs and plates etc

82. 3 Boxes containing old books and paperbacks

83. 3 Boxes containing greetings cards and shoe shine etc

84. 3 Boxes containing cutlery and lanterns etc

85. 5 Boxes containing assorted books

86. Box containing a Thomas 60's tea set

87. 2 Boxes containing boxed plated ware and copper etc

88. 3 Boxes containing plates, mugs and vintage ceramics

89. 3 Boxes containing glassware etc

90. 3 Boxes containing a Maling bowl and Sadler etc

91. 3 Boxes containing LPs and cassettes etc

92. 3 Boxes containing stainless steel flatware etc

93. 3 Boxes containing cutlery and boxes etc

94. Box containing wooden candlesticks and a vintage bottle etc

95. Box containing Sony CD player and a lamp etc

96. Box containing a quantity of green glass decanters and others

97. 3 Boxes containing scarves, gloves and linen etc

98. 2 Boxes containing vintage bottles and a Colclough part tea set etc

99. Box containing microphones, disco lights and a tambourine

100. 3 Boxes containing a large quantity of stationary

101. A hard plastic suitcase

102. A Hinari bread maker and 2 ice buckets

103. A Salton hot tray and an electric knife

104. Large quantity of cushions

105. Box containing vintage mixing bowl and trays etc

106. Brass effect fire guard

107. A home brew kit

108. 2 Boxes containing pans, toaster and bread bin etc

109. 2 Boxes containing cutlery and a toaster etc

110. 2 Boxes containing a quantity of glass and decorative plates etc

111. A woven Moses basket

112. A metal trunk

113. An artist's easel and trunk

114. 2 Boxes containing binoculars, a bugle and vintage tins etc

115. 2 Boxes containing a kettle and toaster etc

116. 2 Boxes containing a large quantity of glass

117. A metal trunk

118. An Epson scanner/ printer

119. Box containing keyboards, a scanner and DVD players etc

120. 2 Boxes containing a Dell laptop, toys and a handy cam etc

121. 2 Boxes containing kitchenware and a clock etc

122. 2 Boxes containing crock pots and bowls etc

123. Fabric suitcase

124. Spare

125. Pine dressing table mirror

126. 2 Boxes containing a Sky box, Virgin box and an Atari game etc

127. 2 Boxes containing scales, bath grips and scissors etc

128. 2 Boxes containing Crown dinnerware and pans etc

129. Sony TV

130. Collection of walking sticks

131. Ceiling light and shades

132. Turntable radio system

133. Daewoo microwave

134. 2 Boxes containing an iron and telephone etc

135. 2 Boxes containing a collection of Pyrex and other bowls

136. PC tower and keyboard

137. Canon printer and ink

138. Box containing an iron, pans and a torch etc

139. Box containing dolls etc

140. Large trunk

141. Bike rack

142. Philips mini system

143. Boxed slide projector

144. 2 Boxes containing household consumables

145. 2 Boxes containing cutlery etc

146. 2 Boxes containing umbrellas, a light shade and a K9 model etc

147. A boxed kitchen extractor

148. 2 Boxes containing and quantity of toiletries

149. 2 Boxes containing household consumables

150. Box containing car accessories

151. Box containing a large quantity of St George's flags

152. Box containing Tena pads

153. Box containing Maxi briefs etc

153A. 2 Pairs of wooden step ladders

154. 2 Boxes containing DVDs and ornaments etc

155. 2 Cushions, 2 pouffes and a draft excluder

156. 2 Boxes containing tools, light bulbs and umbrellas etc

157. Box containing a large quantity of computer mouses

158. Box containing a large quantity of computer mouses

159. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

160. 3 Boxes containing a quantity of glasses

161. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

162. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

163. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

164. 2 Boxes containing a Victoria part tea set and a collection old newspapers etc

165. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

166. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

167. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

168. 3 Boxes containing vintage tins and glass etc

169. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

170. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

171. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

172. 3 Boxes containing light bulbs and glass etc

173. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

174. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

175. Box containing 10 computer keyboards

176. Box containing antique related books

177. A white standard bath

178. 4 Boxes containing pans, cutlery and handbags etc

179. Box containing a white flat pack storage unit

180. Box containing a white flat pack storage unit

181. Red cloakroom vanity unit and basin

182. Box containing brass door knobs and a set of snow chains

183. A joiner's tool box

184. Box containing woodworking planes

185. Box containing steel cable and rubber tube etc

186. 2 Boxes containing a various gardening items and a tape measure etc

187. Portable gas heater

188. Portable gas heater

189. Vintage automobile foot pump

190. 2 Boxes containing tools, shoe last and Hozelock fittings etc

191. An ammunition box

192. Vintage electric motor

193. Vintage electric motor

194. Box containing vintage tools and electrical gauges etc

195. 3 Electric heaters

196. Box containing 30 vehicle tow ropes

196A. Box containing 30 vehicle tow ropes

197. 2 Boxes containing vintage tools etc

198. Box containing builder's foam etc

198A. Box containing a Bosch skill saw

199. Box containing a quantity of disposable suits

199A. Box containing a quantity of disposable suits

200. A medium sized pet cage

201. Box containing a quantity of new tools

202. A new boxed laser level

203. 2 Boxes containing various condiments etc

204. Box containing a quantity of disposable suits

204A. Box containing a quantity of disposable suits

205. 48 Cans of Winter Tyre Grip

206. 48 Cans of Winter Tyre Grip

207. 48 Cans of Winter Tyre Grip

208. 2 Vintage children's sledges

209. 2 Surveyor's tripods, a staff and a level

210. 2 Boxes containing a Dyson filter, framed pictures and a parasol cover etc

211. Box containing a quantity of disposable suits

211A. Box containing a quantity of disposable suits

212. 2 Boxes containing plasterer's tools

213. 2 Green Jerry cans

214. 2 Boxes containing a large trophy and tools etc

215. Box containing a quantity of disposable suits

215A. Box containing a quantity of disposable suits

216. A hose reel

217. Fireplace with marble insert

218. Vintage clothes horse

219. Cannon electric cooker

220. A Daewoo washing machine

221. Logic under counter fridge

222. Haier chest freezer

223. Hotpoint under counter fridge

224. Hotpoint under counter freezer

225. Bosch washing machine

226. Zanussi drier

227. Hoover under counter fridge

228. Bosch dishwasher

229. Hotpoint under counter fridge

230. New World freestanding gas cooker

231. Pair of 3 drawer bedside units

232. 4 Drawer tallboy

233. An unusual vintage headboard

234. Vintage Jacob's ladder

235. Glazed corner unit

236. Large mirrored wardrobe

237. 4 Drawer coffee table

238. Wooden extension ladder

239. 3 Piece shop counter

240. Oak 2 drawer desk

241. Woven cane chair

242. An Ercol chair frame

243. A Lloyd Loom style chair

244. 3 Drawer filing cabinet

245. A floor standing punch bowl

246. Glass TV stand/ coffee table

247. An exercise bench

248. Pine kitchen chair

249. 4 Upholstered dining chairs

250. Large glass TV stand

251. 5 Tread wooden step ladder

252. Small fitted wardrobe

253. A mirror back dressing table

254. Half round hall table

255. Dark oak mirror backed sideboard

256. Dark wood effect Hi-Fi unit

257. G-Plan sideboard

258. Pine double wardrobe

259. Pine bookshelf

260. Dark wood 4 drawer dressing table

261. A bent wood chair

262. Dark wood 2 drawer unit

263. A metamorphic bench

263A. A pair of aluminium extension ladders

264. An early G-Plan dressing table

265. 4 Upholstered stacking chairs

266. 4 Upholstered reception chairs

267. A punch bag and gloves

268. A swivel office chair

269. Pine desk with 4 drawers

269A. A pair of aluminium extension ladders

270. A pub stool

271. Beech effect drop leaf table and folding chairs

272. 2 Coffee tables and a magazine rack

273. Dark wood coffee table

274. A golf bag and contents

275. Wood effect shelving unit

276. 2 Painted shelf units

277. Painted display unit

278. Set of white shelves

279. Single wardrobe

280. 4 Drawer dressing table

281. A pair of stand chairs

282. Drop leaf tea trolley

283. 2 Chrome framed stools

284. Barley twist tea trolley

285. Painted kitchen chair

286. An upholstered bedroom chair

287. Pair of pine bedside cupboards

288. Pine 3 drawer bedside cupboard

289. A rattan chair

290. Nest of 3 copper top tables

291. A G-Plan tile top coffee table

292. 2 Drawer storage cupboard

293. Glass nail bar workstation

294. Wood effect coffee table

295. Chrome floor standing lamp

296. Modern wood effect sideboard

297. White shelving unit

298. A stage dressing table and wardrobe

299. 3 Modern wood effect shelving units

300. Glazed bookcase with storage cupboard

301. A modern wood effect shelving unit

302. A modern wood effect 5 drawer tallboy

303. Pair of pine bedside units

304. A 4 drawer pine unit

305. Pine bedside unit

306. A 4 drawer pine unit

307. Large tub with assorted gardening tools

308. A Qualcast electric mower

309. A Qualcast electric mower

310. Floor standing up-lighter

311. A Panasonic vacuum cleaner

312. Vintage golf bag and clubs

313. Dyson DC40 vacuum

314. An electric garden shredder

315. 2 Floor standing lamps

316. Technics organ and stool

317. Vintage bedroom cupboard

318. Dark wood corner unit

319. A backyard gate

320. Ryobi strimmer

321. Greenhouse shelf and 2 planters

322. Double bed frame

323. PVC window frame

324. Flymo hedge trimmer

325. Dark wood coffee table

326. Beech nest of tables and one other

327. 2 Steam floor mops and a brush

328. Flymo hover mower

329. Collection of kitchen units

330. 3 Sets of metal steps

331. Pine double bed frame

332. A petrol strimmer

333. A Lloyd Loom style bedside unit

333A. A shop dummy on a wooden tripod

333B. A shop dummy on a wooden tripod

334. A bedroom stool and a bedding box etc

335. Petrol strimmer

336. Wood topped coffee table

337. Box containing a sleeping bag etc

338. A painted foot stool and a bedside unit

339. A stainless steel waste bin and 3 laundry baskets etc

340. Folding wheel chair in a bag

341. Vintage coffee table, 2 stools and a pouffe

342. A Veneered side table

343. Pine rocking chair

344. Large pine rocking chair

345. Collection of plastic storage boxes

346. An unusual side table with an embroidered top

347. Beech coffee table

348. Pair of modern wood effect bedside cabinets

349. Dark wood glass door TV unit

350. Bamboo coffee table

351. Karcher power washer for spares

352. Box containing 6 shower curtains and rails

353. 4 Internal doors

354. An electric lawn mower

355. Quadrant shower tray

356. Quadrant shower tray

357. A garden hose trolley

358. A linen fold dark wood dresser

359. Dark wood dresser

359A. A ladies fur coat

359B. A ladies fur coat

359C. A ladies fur jacket

359D. A ladies fur jacket

359E. A fur collar and hat

360. Sewing box including contents

361. A Mason's plate and ginger jar

362. 3 Ceramic figures

363. A Lladro golf figure with box

364. A Neo figure of a golfer

365. Lladro figure of a golfer with box

366. Set of 6 crystal wine glasses

367. Murano glass basket and a glass vase

368. 3 Wedgewood Christmas goblets

369. Boxed Edinburgh golf tankard and a glass bell

370. 2 Royal Doulton goblets

371. Box containing blue and white

372. A boxed Wedgwood glass goblet

373. 6 Pieces of cranberry glass

374. Large Coalport bowl

375. A Wedgwood footed bowl

376. Maple extending table and 4 chairs

377. Rectangular kitchen table and 2 chairs

378. Circular kitchen table and 4 guitar chairs

379. G-Plan circular table and 5 chairs

380. A solid wood refectory table and 6 chairs

380A. A modern leather electric recliner

381. Lloyd loom style bedroom chair

382. Metal framed futon

383. Brown leather 3 piece suite

384. Brown fabric sofa and chair

385. Brown leather 2 seater sofa

386. Red leather reclining chair and footstall

387. Brown leather 3 seater sofa and an electric recliner

388. Vintage 3 seater sofa and 2 chairs

389. Brown leather 2 seater and a chair

390. Black leather 2 seater sofa

391. Blue fabric easy chair

392. Blue fabric bedroom chair

393. 2 Nautical framed and glazed prints

394. A framed and glazed study of Siamese cats

395. 2 Framed and glazed watercolours of lake land scenes

396. A Windsor China tea set

397. Vintage part tea set

398. Box containing several framed and glazed pictures

399. A stylish 60's coffee set

400. A Poole part dinner service

401. Vintage Aldis slide projector

402. 4 Boxed glass tankards

403. A shoe box containing a selection of postage stamps

404. 3 Framed oils and 2 prints

405. A framed and glazed print of cardinals

406. A framed and glazed picture of a golfing scene

407. Mayfair dinner service

408. Book containing First World War photographs

408A. An embossed plate, an Aynsley plate and a Copenhagen tea pot

409. Box containing Wedgwood and Coalport commemorative plates

410. Limited edition framed and glazed print of Belsay castle

411. 2 Limited edition framed and glazed prints

412. A small collection of Royal Worcester dinner ware

413. Small collection of Wedgwood Senator

414. Box containing various collectables and a vintage copper tankard

415. A clock in the form of a barrel

416. A vintage ordnance survey and a collection of maps

417. A framed and glazed nautical print

418. A large amount of Royal Albert Country Roses

419. A Spode Christmas plate

420. A large crystal bowl

421. A boxed artist's paint set

421A. A framed and glazed limited edition print and a framed and glazed needlework

422. 2 Framed and glazed prints depicting Egyptian scenes

423. An over mantle mirror

424. A framed and glazed limited edition print and a watercolour

425. 2 Framed mirrors

426. A large framed picture

427. 5 Framed and glazed prints and watercolours

428. An Art Deco style mirror

429. A brass plaque

430. A large pine framed bevelled mirror

431. Copper bed pan

432. Large black framed mirror

433. A cased wall clock

434. A collection of box prints and a mirror

434A. A circular patterned rug

435. Solid brass model of a horse

436. A collection of framed and glazed prints and box prints

437. A collection of box prints and mirrors

438. A resin figure of a golfer

439. Boxed vintage icing set

440. Boxed Crown Derby goblet

441. A Crown Derby tankard and one other

442. A Neo figure of a clown

443. 4 Vintage money boxes

444. Box containing a collection of medals

445. Small box containing watches etc

446. A pipe smoker’s ashtray etc

447. A collection of boxed costume jewellery

448. A small collection of cap badges and buttons etc

449. A horse shoe puzzle

450. A large amount of pre-decimal coins

451. A company seal press